Course Details

This is an essential programme for all trustees wanting to contribute effectively to the successful management of their retirement fund.

Our Retirement Fund Trustee Training Courses are tailor made to fund-specific requirements and include an examination of fund rules and other relevant documents.

  • Role of trustee.
  • Types of funds.
  • Defined benefit & defined contribution funds.
  • Pension & provident funds.
  • Fund rules & documents.
  • Pension Funds Act.
  • Other legislation.
  • Duties of trustees.
  • The common law.
  • Statutory law.
  • Allocation of death benefits.
  • Key responsibilities.
  • Introduction to investments.
  • Measuring investment returns.
  • Capital & investment returns.
  • Investment returns & risk.
  • Investment objectives.
  • Investment policy.
  • Performance benchmarks.
  • Asset allocation.


    Johannesburg School of Finance (Pty) Ltd has a Level 4 (100%) BEE rating.