We give you the financial skills, knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions and get the best results.

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Enhance your practical financial skills through our unique, flexible, modular certificate programme and increase your knowledge and confidence so that you become a valuable contributor to important business decisions.
ABSOLUTE BUSINESS "CENTS" is our online programme designed to give entrepreneurs, corporate employees, students, scholars, individuals and even families the essential financial literacy and business acumen that will be needed to survive and grow in the post COVID-19 world.
Prepare and monitor financial plans using valuable guiding principles and techniques.
In a fun and exciting way, experience what it is like to run a growing business in a competitive environment.
A carefully structured introduction to the world of financial management that teaches the structure, terminology, and way of thinking of business finance and reporting.
Overcome your concerns about understanding and managing the financial drivers of business success by developing the essential knowledge and skills to take important decisions with confidence.
Use the power of Excel to analyse and manage business information accurately and efficiently.
Use the power of Excel to analyse and manage business information accurately and efficiently.
Get discrete personalised support to enhance your own financial management knowledge and skills.
Use our simulation programme together with syllabus-aligned exercises to meet portfolio requirements and give learners a taste of the real world of business.
Let us design and present a course aligned to your company’s specific needs.
Personalised conversation sessions and follow-up exercises to give you the confidence and knowledge to speak, read and write very good English.